Car Sun Visor Gogles For Driver Mirror Day & Night

Published: 13 March 2018

€ 12,00

Town: CY,Paphos


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NEW Car Sun Visor HD Goggles For Driver Mirror Day & Night Vision ( CODE 7G30 )



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Auto Car Anti-Glare Dazzling Goggle Day & Night Vision Driving Mirror Sun Visors


100% Brand New.

Protects interior from heat and UV rays.

Protect eyes while driving

Helps against sudden glare from bright sunshine and is particularly useful in low winter sunshine when existing sun visor is inadequate.

Folds for neat storage when not in use;

Tired of getting your eyes irritated by the sun while driving? Then our sunshade is the best thing you can use.

This sun shade will protect you from infrared UV rays and gives you better visibility while driving.

It's very useful and very easy to install. This is a great deal that one can take advantage of,

especially the features that it offers are the ones that will surely satisfy your needs.

Order without hesitation and enjoy driving using the sunshade protector.


Weight( Approx.) :210g

Material: PC, PMMA

Color: Yellow, Transparent gray

Size(Approx.): Length 30cm* Width 13.5cm* Thickness 2mm/11.8"*5.3"*0.08"

Use: Daytime and Night

Package Includes:

1X Car Anti-glare Visor

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