About Daxi

Daxi.re - free classified ads service on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. We help people buy and sell their products through our site, bypassing the middlemen and shops. Now our service works only on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, but in a short time we will offer the residents of other countries to evaluate the ease of use of our service. Today daxi.re has more than 1000 members and more than 10000 unique ads from completely different product categories: cars, real estate, electronics, hobby, ads to find work, and many others.

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6 major advantages

We improve our product every day. We are always listening to users and their opinion.

  • Design

    Responsive website design. Intuitive and easy to use

  • Search engine

    Fast search engine with intuitive filter system

  • Social network

    Integration with all social networks

  • Posting ads

    Free short term ads for everyone (30 days)

  • Hints

    Smart notifications for items sold, reminder for ads expired

  • Safety

    High class security. Profiling system with member's area


Who we are

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our users happy.

Pavel Lebedev

In 2016 I was looking for a house in Cyprus through the Internet and local services and faced the problem that most of the ads on any issue that would interest me - are irrelevant or no longer active. I thought that with the right business approach and a strong team, we can do something really useful for the locals.

I have been nurturing this idea for weeks and the more I thought of it the more I had to act. I have managed to gather a team of high class professionals to deliver the best quality service in online classified ads there can possibly be there is just no better name for our kind of service - daxi.re

5 month of sleepless nights and stormy discussions, creative breakthroughs and endless arguments and “daxi.re free classified ads service” was released into the wilds of the internet.

We are steadily conquering Cypriot market and the hearts of our users. Daxi.re is constantly developing and growing. We listen to our users through feedback and comments, because it is actually the only way for us to solve their tasks.

There is a lot of work ahead and major plans for territorial expansion, I am sure that our team can manage it!

Valentin Kostin
Business Development Director

As Pavel was explaining his idea to me, I started to imagine DAXI like a very useful platform, where thousands of people buy, sell and exchange their things, which stock up in your closet.

- This is an awesome idea! - I said within 10 seconds of our conversation, way before we have came to the discussion of details. Once Pavel said: “I think we need to do a nice platform for private classified ads in Cyprus which is accessible from all mobile devices as well as desktops” I knew I want to be a part of this project.

I’ve spent most of my life in Cyprus. I love this beautiful island and its people. That is why it is of my top priority to let everyone in Cyprus sell their unwanted things and find something they need for more attractive price. Some one might be looking for something you don’t really need anymore.

Our team works cohesively in a friendly manner and what is more important - very fast. I am very happy to be a part of this team and to develop this platform on all levels in Cyprus, before we have entered the global market.

I wouldn’t call accounting and bureaucracy as top of my favourite tasks in the list, but I have to keep doing that part as well. My main tasks in this project is communicating with third-party services, attracting new clients and keep up the friendly atmosphere within our international team.

What’s next? I can’t really guess, but if we are talking about me, then I will be directing only the external policy of the project. If we are talking about Daxi.re then, I think that within a couple of years every one in Cyprus will know, that it’s better to check the price of any goods or services on DAXI.re, before actually going shopping.

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Artem Gaisin
Brand Manager

When the guys offered a job to 108 digital team to work on Daxi, I thought of my own user experience and realised that before making any serious purchase I always check through classified ads portals.

We have decided to take this project, to create a unique platform for classified ads, which will be easy to use so people would actually want to recommend using it. Currently our team is improving usability, design and website’s marketing strategy, so more people in Cyprus would know about our service.

Even though we already have stylish and progressive platform, we still have to make our users visit daxi, before buying something, into a healthy habit and change the culture of private ads in Cyprus. This sound very difficult to do, but if we will manage to do that here, then nothing can stop us from taking on worldwide market.

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Ilja Hämäläinen
Senior Developer

I got out of bed in an overcast morning and went to the kitchen to have myself a cup of coffee to help me finally wake up. I usually set my smartphone to Do not disturb mode when I’m sleeping and check the messages in the morning, because I work with people in different timezones this is a natural process for me, however there was something different about this time. Pavel told me about a project that he would like me to take a part in. Sleepily I have read his message with one eye open and said “When can I start?”

It has been more than a year that I work on Daxi.re and control the whole technical aspect of the site. I do not follow any sort of specific philosophy or methodology, my approach is trivially easy - the work has to be done and it has to be done good. I like what I do, despite the fact that Daxi.re takes up a lot of my time and strengths. Speaking from technical point of view this is a very interesting project and I am very lucky to work with wonderful people who I value very much. My main task is to make this service fast, easy to use and most important - safe. Our main task is to help people in their everyday life, that is why I believe that our service may be a great daily assistant for Cyprus and beyond it’s borders.

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Dmytrii Labutin
Marketing Analyst

I am responsible for UX design In Daxi.re project and I can proudly say that we have really grown in the past year. If you would compare the project to what Pavel has thought of in the begging to what it actually is now, it would actually already be two totally different projects. We had millions of different ideas that had to be implemented this very instance without actually thinking of the consequences in the begging. However without such a bright experience we would not have made such a powerful basis, which the service currently has.

All the updates are currently made in stages. Daxi is a large and fast-growing service, we don’t want to break anything or scare people off by implementing something radical. That is why our users find out information about our updates through newsletters or through personalised instant messages in their profile page. 108 digital has a lot of new ideas for this projects, some of them are already under development and some are still under discussion. In order to test our hypothesis we use the modern approach and use the most up-to-date tools the market can offer, we do prototypes and do staging test.

So what’s next? It’s easy: working together with Daxi, make it better for users and implement new features. Current major challenge for our designers is to deliver unification on the website. We try to keep the balance between functionality and easy-to-use solutions. Finding these solutions that will suit specific category like(real estate, home alliances etc.) or be universal and fit anywhere. The experience we get from doing these tasks is priceless.

I want to thank the guys from 108 digital and DAXI office, who gave us the opportunity to work on this fascinating project.

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Please email us, we love feedback!

Please email us, we love feedback!