Daxi.re Developers guide public API

Public API manual

Dear friend! Thank you for the interest in public API from Daxi.re! We are happy, that you decided to implement integration with our service for your software. Below you can find all the necessary information about our API. We build it in the REST flavour with HATEOAS meta-properties. We hope it will help you to navigate over our data comfortably.

We don't have a limitations for our data access, except the user's personal information. That's why we don't want to enclose any sensetive data via API. Thank you for undestanding.

Please note, that this page will be constantly updated. If you can't find something specific in our functionality, please contact us via ilja@daxi.re . Then we could add additional endpoints or data for our API, keeping backward compatibility.

GET Get all advertisements


Parameter Description
page number of displayed page, zero based. Default is 0
size count of items per page. Default is 10, maximum value is 50
sort Sorting consists of two values, separated by comma. The first value is the field name, the second is asc or desc. It is allowed to apply more than one sorting. If unset, no sorting will be applied at all.

For example, https://www.daxi.re/api/v1/advertisement?page=2&size=3&sort=activeSince,asc which returns the 3 latest advertisements from the 2nd page, sorted by activeSince field.

GET Get one advertisement


For example, https://www.daxi.re/api/v1/advertisement/573bad03e4b0d8ae25b915b1, which returns you one advertisement.